Conserving and restoring works of art involves all of the procedures used to preserve cultural heritage for the future, bringing usefulness and originality back to a product of human or natural activity. Conservation activities involve: examining, documenting, treating, prevention and care, while lending support to research into works of art. Different types of works of art are restored in our workshop, specifically: canvas and panel paintingsfurnituresculpturesceramics and metals.

In our restoration workshop, we work with the utmost professionalism and with the right materials and instruments.

Once the restoration is complete, we provide written and photographic documentation of the work done.

Feel free to contact us and request an estimate without commitment on your part. Send us photos, measurements and a brief description of the damage to your piece and we will calculate your estimate.

We collect the works of art at your home all over the Valencia Community region and take care of the transport throughout Spain; then we deliver them back properly packaged.

Please contact us for more information.